Operation: Swing Set Relocation

It seems so odd to look out the kitchen window and see this:




The swing set isn’t there. It had been sitting there unused for several months. The last time Philip perched on it was in winter when the ground was covered with snow. That was the only time it was safe. Now it’s gone.

During Memorial Day weekend, Peter disassembled it. My parents had been talking about purchasing a swing set for their backyard. Philip is there two or three times a week, and it certainly is more convenient to let him out into the backyard rather than driving to the park. But it seemed silly to spend money on a new set when ours was idle. We loaded in our car and set it up in their yard.

It’s nice to know that it will be put to use. We knew we would have to move it eventually. Some day, the state will process our landlord’s grant application. Some day, an authorized contractor will arrive to remove the soil from the yard and replace it. Some day, Philip and I can once again spend lazy hours playing in the back yard.

Until then, the yard is off-limits. After an inspection, we learned that the soil is contaminated with lead. I watched Philip eat dirt last summer. I’m sure he breathed in dust while playing there or after carrying in mud to our house. At the time, I thought there was no harm in a little dirt. It was only later that we learned that Philip has lead poisoning.

The good news is that Philip’s levels have been decreasing through supplements and our efforts to reduce his exposure. The bad news is that bureaucracy moves slowly. The homeowner is seeking grant funding to complete the lead abatement. The state hasn’t even started her application. Who knows how long it will take to schedule the work once funding is in place.

Back to the good news:  “Operation: Swing Set Relocation” was a success. I even have photographic evidence.

swingset relocated

Time to swing!

glider with grandpa

Riding the glider with a little help from Grandpa

7 thoughts on “Operation: Swing Set Relocation

  1. Phillip must miss his yard but so scary re: lead in the soil. Here is hoping that things speed up for you guys so you can have the yard back but I’m glad your post had a happy ending for Phillip and his swing set:)


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