Monday Mixtape: why didn’t you go?

I don’t like crowds, so I avoid events and activities that will require me to mix and mingle with groups of people. I’m no stranger to this week’s ultimate question at yeah write: why didn’t you go? Well-intentioned people try to convince me that they had fun so I would have had fun, too. Nope, sorry. Doesn’t work that way.

But let’s get out of my head and away from my neuroses and find some other plausible answers to the question.

Maybe he was just ready to leave, but then he saw her and stayed.

“I Saw Her Standing There” by The Beatles

What do you mean, why didn’t I go? I’ve already left.

“Already Gone” by The Eagles

I can’t say I’ve ever used this excuse, but such impairment seems like a valid reason.

“Because I Got High” by Afroman

A lack of transportation can force one to stay, too.

“I Missed the Bus” by Kris Kross

Laziness is the answer. Why should he go when she’ll come to him?

“My Baby Comes to Me” by The Coasters

This is it! The final day of the NaBloPoMo/Nano Poblano/NoMo challenges! Why didn’t I go? I’ve been too busy blogging!

Sunday Slideshow: 4-H Holiday Program

For the second year in a row, I took Philip took our local 4-H program’s annual holiday event. He only broke one ornament.

I was impressed that most of the crafts were different from last year. We skipped most of the food-based crafts since Philip isn’t really interested in eating the finished products. The one exception was the melted snowman. This was made by spreading white frosting on a chocolate covered graham cracker. At home, Philip took one bite of the cookie and a couple licks of the frosting before handing over to me, proving I had made the right choice.

I was impressed by the bird feeder project made with several pieces of wood and an empty aluminum can. Philip most enjoyed the sock snowman. He liked squishing the rice that was used to fill the body. I’ve stashed this along with all the other projects on top of our fridge. I really don’t want to find all of the pieces (especially the rice) around the house.

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bad poetry: the gift that keeps on giving

Last week, I posted this story about giving myself permission to write bad poetry. I even shared some mediocre verses with you.

You’re welcome.

My best friend took the opportunity to quote lines from some of the most overwrought poems I composed as a teenager. Twenty-some years later, they were so terribly angsty that she can still remember. She even asked that I share one of them. “It’s been too long. Please!”

I told her that, if I got stuck with NaBloPoMoing, I would share the poem. Because I’m cocky, I figured I’d never have to follow through. I have twenty-one days in the bag plus five other posts planned. I’ll never need to use that poem.

Welcome to day 28. I’d like you to meet Blogger’s Block.

Since my best friend’s birthday is tomorrow and I’m running out of ideas for posts, I decided I should keep my promise and post the poem. Without further ado, here is “The Rocking Chair.”

Boldly it stood out in the fire
The autumn setting was cold and dire
The windblown smoke spewed o’er the lawn
Out of those flames the color of dawn
Sadly I stood in the falling rain
Though I was warned not to remain
I shed not a tear, for it wouldn’t put out
The roaring flames that shot about
A childhood memory turned to ashes
Amongst the orange and bright red flashes
To cry, I couldn’t, I didn’t dare
The day he burned my rocking chair.

Wow, that was painful to type. And I don’t mean because my hand hurts.

Happy Birthday, Heidi! Don’t mock me too much.

Ten Things of Thankful: Thanksgiving 2015 edition

Ten Things of Thankful

1. I have the day off.

2. There are dedicated people who don’t take the day off that help keep me safe and are there if I need them in an emergency.

3. By investing a few bucks in a universal remote and using a gift card to buy a second Roku, we now have a TV in our bedroom. We found the flat-screen television discarded at the end of someone’s driveway right after Peter had his surgery in July. Peter really wanted to lay in bed and watch TV during his recovery, but we couldn’t afford the peripherals at the time. The downside is that now Philip thinks that this is HIS television and even fell asleep there the first night. Still thankful.

4. I’ve written before about how I’m thankful for MyPoints, an online program which awards points for reading emails, taking surveys, watching videos and making purchases. That’s how we got the gift card for our new Roku. I’m thankful that, right before I went shopping on Wednesday, I got an email saying I could earn points for buying a gift card for the store I was going to. Score!

5. Speaking of great timing, my hold on the audio version of Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things came in just as I finished a different book. I thought I might wreck my car driving to work Tuesday morning because I was laughing so hard.

6. Philip didn’t win the Raingutter Regatta on Sunday, but he wasn’t sad (and Peter let me bring him home). A few boys teared up or stormed off in a huff. Philip was more upset that I wouldn’t let him splash in the water. But not winning didn’t faze him. He enjoyed watching the races, smiling as the boats sailed down the gutter and clapping for the winners.

7. On Sunday, I took Philip to the annual 4-H Holiday event (photos to appear on Sunday). It was free and Philip had fun. What’s not to be thankful for?

8. Philip has been writing and talking, echoing like crazy. Plus, he has been singing the Arthur theme song. The only word I recognize is “Hey!” But you should see his face light up when I sing the song. He is so delighted that I know the words. Most of them. I fall apart at the bridge, but who doesn’t?

9. I have a left hand. Why is this important? Because my right hand begins to hurt after I spend all day using a mouse. I’ve moved the mouse pad to the opposite side so I can reduce the wear and tear on my right hand. I think this is good for my brain to try to reorient myself this way. Sure, it takes me twice as long to do everything, but I’m hoping I get better with practice. Or that my right hand gets better, whichever comes first.

10. With this post, Day 26 of NaBloPoMo/NanoPoblano/yeah write Nomo challenges is in the bag! (And I can give both my right and left hands a rest).