Doctor, my eyes

Yesterday, Peter and I went for eye exams. I found out that my distance vision isn’t getting worse. Nope, it turns out that I don’t even need the glasses I have for driving. Instead, I need “computer glasses.” That’s the optometrist’s nice way of saying “reading glasses.” The only reason things seem fuzzy in the distance is that my eyes are straining at work all day while I stare at the computer. Peter made sure he piped up about my headaches, too. Apparently, I’ve been vocal about them.

So, until my new spectacles come in, I’m trying to take it easy on the computer. Rather than deprive my dear blog followers of some good reading, I thought I’d post this quick explanation for my temporary hiatus.

Going through blog reading withdrawal? Might I suggest that you visit yeah write? Voting for the #112 weekly writing challenge is open until 10 pm EDT. All stories are under 600 words (which is still too many words for my poor eyes at the moment). Please go read and vote on my behalf. And tell them I send my love.

4 thoughts on “Doctor, my eyes

    1. I felt bad when I saw you were one post short this week for the invitational grid. I had something waiting in my drafts, but having my eyes dilated yesterday put me out of commission.


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