Twelve Things of Thankful: 2013 in Review

Ten Things In Review

Lizzi has outdone herself this week. Right on the heels of her renegade Christmas week Ten Things of Thankful, she is offering bloggers the opportunity to reflect on 2013 and list not ten but twelve things of thankful. Here is my list.

1. I’m thankful for all the books that Philip received through the Imagination Library program. I’ll miss getting them in the mail now that Philip has aged out of the program.

2. I’m thankful for the progress that Philip has made in his communication skills thanks to his iPad with speech app.

christmas tree 001

3. I’m thankful that my sister-in-law is now cancer-free following her mastectomy.

4. I’m thankful that we managed to keep two of the original eight fish alive in the tank we bought this spring. The two survivors were thriving after the move, but I’m glad we added to their ranks. The new additions seem to be getting along swimmingly. <Insert rim shot here.>

fish tank 004

5. I’m thankful that Philip’s lead levels have decreased.

6. I’m thankful for all of the great things that come from owning our new home: shorter commute, a yard for Philip to play in, a room that Philip loves, and more.

new house 001

7. I’m thankful that I got to meet Peter’s relatives this weekend when we took a day trip to Michigan.

Philip met his great-aunt for the first time on Saturday.

Philip met his great-aunt for the first time on Saturday.

8. I’m thankful for the yeah write community. I appreciate the support, camaraderie, and inspiration to improve that I receive from the editors and other bloggers.

9. I’m thankful I went to my 20th high school reunion this summer.

10. I’m thankful for Philip’s preschool. I know he’ll be happy to return to school on Monday.

Philip gives his teacher roses from Grandma's house on the first day of school

Philip gives his teacher roses from Grandma’s house on the first day of school

11. I’m thankful for Philip’s improved eating habits.

home depot 013

12. I’m thankful for all of the free family activities available in our community. I look forward to many more great experiences in the new year.

Wishing you and yours a happy new year.

9 thoughts on “Twelve Things of Thankful: 2013 in Review

  1. Looks like there were lots of good things happening for your family in the past year. A move to your own home is huge!
    I am a big fan of free activities to do with kids. I’m glad to live in a city that has plenty of parks and fun things to do as well.
    I hope 2014 brings many more good and happy things for you!


  2. it looks like Philip has had a great year! I remember reading about your reunion it sounded like it went really well. it’s also really great things to be able to reach out to extended family. Hope 2014 is just as good to you. may I ask the name of the speech app you’re using?


  3. Wow, your new home looks AWESOME! Such space. I can see why Philip likes it so much. And the things available in your community to join in with. Wow! You’ve landed on your feet there. He’s going to be able to enjoy some wonderful activities over the coming year.

    So glad to hear about your sister-in-law. Those ‘all-clear’s are such a relief.

    So glad that you’ve joined us and shared so many wonderful things from your year gone by. In spite of the challenges you’ve faced, I’m glad you’ve ended so positively, ready for 2014.


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