Thirteen things Thursday: Get the lead out

  1. After departing for work later than I wanted to on Wednesday morning, I decided I should wait until after work to get fuel. You can imagine the choice words I had when I saw that gas prices at all of the stations on my way home had gone up twenty-six cents by the time I left work. Just when I gave up hope, I saw the station in my neighborhood was still the same price. Score!
  2. Philip was still napping when I got home. I thought about rousing him to walk the dog, but I was starving. As I was heating up supper, I missed a phone call just before 6:00 pm. When I saw the area code was in our state capitol, I anxiously listened to the voice mail. It was left by an employee of the Ohio Healthy Homes Program, calling to schedule a lead inspection.
  3. I was pleased that the inspector answered when I immediately returned his call just after 6:00 pm. We scheduled the inspection for the next morning.
  4. Peter asked me if I was nervous. I blithely said, “No. I’m not nervous. Something is finally happening.” Of course, I had completely lost my appetite. Yet, that did not stop me from mindlessly shoving food in my mouth to feed my nervous energy. Apparently Peter knows my moods better than I do.
  5. I decided it was time to walk the dog if, for no other reason, so I would stop eating. Philip had a great time kicking the snow along our route.
  6. We all were in our beds at our usual times that night, but I don’t think anyone was sleeping. Philip, who had taken a late nap, was playing while his parents were thinking ahead to the inspection.
  7. I awoke at 3:45 am, alone in bed. Peter had opted to chase sleep downstairs on the couch. I think the lead situation has worried him most of all. He has been impatient for the inspection, knowing that we can’t solve the problem until we know the cause.
  8. Apparently no one else could sleep because Peter rejoined me in bed in time to hear Philip giggling in his room. It was 4:19 am.  “Why are you tickling him?” Peter whispered to me. “Hey, at least he’s not crying,” was my response.
  9. It wasn’t long before we all gave up. Philip needed to wrestle with his giant bear. I decided I might as well do a workout video. Philip finally fell back asleep just when it was time for me to get ready for work. I showered and then decided to lie back down for “just a minute.” I startled awake around the time I should have been heading out the door.
  10. Knowing there would be an inspector in our house for four hours today, we had made arrangements for my mom to watch Roscoe. I had to drop him off at her house before heading to work.
  11. The added stop had me running late. Again. However, I knew when I saw the flashing lights behind me I needed to move to the right to allow the officer to get by. Imagine the feeling in my stomach when the police car pulled in behind me. The friendly officer informed me that I had been driving 15 mph over the speed limit. In fact, he told me it took him several lights to catch up with me. He let me go on my way with a warning.
  12. As I continued on my way at a legal driving speed, the inspector called my cell phone. He had phoned to let me know he was running a bit behind schedule. Tell me about it.
  13. In addition to today’s lead inspection, Philip’s speech therapist was already scheduled to come to our house tonight to show us how to use the speech app on his new iPad. My parents will join us. I’ll be in a hurry to get home from work, but I better drive the speed limit.

6 thoughts on “Thirteen things Thursday: Get the lead out

    1. Thanks, Lisa. Spoke to hubby at lunch time. So far the first floor is clear. I didn’t realize that the scanner would give immediate results. I believe we will have to wait, though, to find out if the issue is in the soil/dust.


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