Sunday Slideshow: Yesteryear Machinery Club Show

There is something reassuring about a 111-year-old Ford driving past you. If that car is still going after all these years, what’s my excuse?

I was thus inspired last Sunday when we attended the twenty-third annual Yesteryear Machinery Club Show. This year’s featured brand was Massey Ferguson/Massey Harris. Even though there were many red tractors at the event, all were welcome. We saw the green (and pink!) of John Deeres, the yellow of Minneapolis-Molines, blue Fords, and a variety of other colors. Engines and all kinds of equipment were on display. There was also a car show just getting underway when we arrived.

This is the third year that we’ve taken Philip. He definitely showed more interest in the tractors and plows this time. Of course, he was most fascinated by the pond on the grounds of the career center where the event was held. This wouldn’t have been a problem except Peter and I were both interested in an activity that took place in a pavilion near the pond: radio control tractor and truck pulls.

Peter and I are both pulling fans, but neither of us knew that scale model pulling existed. There were model trucks, tractors, and semis. There was a sled built to scale. The only thing out of proportion was the garden tractor used to prep the track. Unfortunately, this made the track uneven, and the vehicles kept crashing into the sides. We didn’t stay long since this got old quickly plus Philip kept dragging me to the pond.

On our way out, we noticed a 1930 Ford Model A Roadster. It was the same vehicle that Philip had sat in last summer at a different event. The owner was busy talking to another attendee, otherwise we would have given Philip another chance to blow the horn again. I still got a picture. You’ll find it in the slide show below.

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: Yesteryear Machinery Club Show

  1. That was a cool slideshow! I recognized and actually have driven a few of the models in your pictures. But I’m not old enough to see any of them new. Fortunately. 🙂


  2. I’m with Marcy. That pink tractor caught my attention right away. One of my favorite museums in San Diego is the automobile museum (I forget the name). I’ve never been to an actual show. I saw one when we were on vacation, but I was the only one interested in going. Nice slides 🙂


    1. My husband complains that you can’t tell cars apart today. They’ve all started to look the same.
      That Ford is inspiring. I hope someone helps take care of me as well as the owner tends to that car!


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