Fitness Friday: how many calories are there in a pool noodle?

For the month of July, Philip is truly on summer vacation. In June, he attended a three-week session of extended school year. The second session begins in August. But this month he is home all the time with my husband and no structured activities. I’m guessing that’s why he used a dry erase marker to draw on his legs and the dining room wall on Wednesday afternoon and why he emptied a can of shaving cream on the bathroom floor on Thursday.

Heaven help us.

That’s why, when the weather cooperates, I take Philip to the pool. He loves playing with water and being in the water. He can splash to his heart’s content.

Philip hasn’t learned to swim. He is cautious but I hover to make sure he doesn’t accidentally slip under. This means I spend a lot of time jogging through the water after him or treading water. But I’m not complaining. Even five minutes of treading water burns eighty calories. Plus, when the pool isn’t crowded, I swim half laps in the shallow end where Philip hangs out. That equals more calories burned.

Philip also helps me with strength training. He likes the game when I pick him up out of the water and count, “Three, two, one, splash down!” He also likes to stand on my upper legs and have me carry him around the pool. I definitely feel the burn in my thighs as I crouch to keep us both in the water.

The pool is great for both of us. Philip satisfies his sensory-seeking needs. He’s staying active and working up an appetite. I’ve found that he gets so hungry that he’ll eat anything – including fruits and vegetables. Last night he munched on the raspberries and zucchini I bought from an Amish farm. This has been one of the best ways to introduce new foods to him and make sure he isn’t surviving on pepperoni and pretzels only.

To be honest, taking Philip to a pool should have been a no-brainer. This is our third summer with access to one yet our first visit was last July. The thought of having to buy a new swimsuit and then having to actually wear it in public held me back. I’m trying to make up for lost time now, planning errands around the pool hours and the weather that permits us to use it. Everyone at the pool is too busy enjoying themselves to worry about how I look in my swimsuit. My time is better spent swimming and splashing and playing with Philip. And making sure he doesn’t bite the pool noodles.



One thought on “Fitness Friday: how many calories are there in a pool noodle?

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