Close encounters of the Philip kind

The library doesn’t open until 10:00 am on Saturday.

Philip and I arrived at 9:47 am.

Fortunately, there is a park behind the library, so I led Philip there. Ironically, one reason we arrived early was that I had refused Philip’s request to go outside and play at home. It had rained overnight, so the grass was wet. I didn’t want him to get messy before going to the library.


I had had the foresight to have Philip wear his rain boots. These came in handy when he stomped in every puddle he found. The best puddles were on the merry-go-rounds. There are two at this park and both are terrible. They quite low to the ground and make horrible screeching sounds as one strains to propel them. On the plus side, it took Philip quite a bit of effort to push them and he loved watching the water ripple. Hurray for heavy work and interesting visual stimuli!

I thought for sure that the worst that would happen would be Philip getting a wet butt from either the swings and slides. Nope. Philip had something even messier in mind.

Reminding me of Richard Dreyfuss sculpting Devil’s Tower National Monument but with more smiling, Philip piled and shaped sand, dirt, and other debris on a bench. My favorite part was watching him attempt to carry fistfuls of water to his construction.

By the time I made him stop, Philip had dirt up to his elbows. He had tried to clean up by wiping his hands on his pants. We made a quick trip to the bathroom to wash up before heading into the library.




3 thoughts on “Close encounters of the Philip kind

      1. Yeah, it’s hard to know what is and what isn’t okay with regards to stuff like that. I lean towards overly cautious, but there are plenty of bloggers who would post stills without a second thought.


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