1930 ford model a roadster“This is beautiful,” I tell the owner seated in a canvas chair behind the 1930 Ford Model A Roadster.

“Have you ever sat in a Model A?” he asks Philip.

“No,” responds Peter on his behalf.

“Come on over,” the proud owner says to Philip. Philip first tries to sit in the man’s now vacated lawn chair.

“Not there, Philip. Over here, sweetie,” I tell him. The man opens the door and shows Philip where to step. Philip is slightly anxious, but allows the owner to help him into the roadster’s seat.

“See this button?” he asks Philip. “Push it.” Philip tentatively puts his index finger on the center of the steering wheel.

“Don’t be shy,” the man encourages. “Push harder.” Together, they push the horn.

honking horn


Philip covers his eyes, a bit startled by the sound, but then quickly peeks out to continue inspecting the car’s interior.

“You gotta get them interested when they’re young,” says the owner to me.

“I bet there aren’t many of these left,” I say.

“Nope, not many,” he agrees.

It’s time to help Philip out of the Model A. Peter and I both thank the man, complimenting him once more on his beautiful restoration job. He smiles as he waves goodbye.

riding in the model aWhen we saw this vehicle at the Mansfield Airport Day car show, I knew these pictures would be perfect for the current WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic.





We aren’t going to Airport Day this year, but I’m pulling this post from the archives to link up with the yeah write #168 moonshine grid.

11 thoughts on “Nostalgic

  1. I am just astounded sometimes by the generosity of others! This beautiful man being so patient with your son. And your son participating and learning from the experience is precious.
    You are a great Mom! Lovely photos too.


    1. The nice thing about the man was that he didn’t even know that Philip is autistic. He just saw a 4 year old boy that was curious. I imagine he welcomed many kids throughout the day.


  2. Perfect for ‘nostalgic’! Both the antique car and the fact that the man had to think back to when he was young to understand what Philip would be interested in on the car.


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