Remember the Time Blog Hop-Introduce Your Imaginary Friend

Around 2:30 am Saturday morning, I heard a noise from Philip’s room. I had remembered to check the alarm clock before going to bed (I had to turn it off), so I was confident I would be able to sleep though the night. But a different, equally odd sound nudged my subconscious into wakefulness instead.

It was a chuckle.

I decided to ignore it.

Soon, I heard a giggle.

Peter roused beside me. “Is that Philip?”

“Yup,” I whispered back. “I’m going to ignore him.”

Then I heard a belly laugh.

Philip was wide awake. In a great mood, but awake. That’s how we came to be watching Kipper the Dog at 3 am.

The episode called “Jake’s Friend” caught my attention. Jake, a sheepdog, has an invisible friend. Kipper and Tiger snicker at their friend until they watch a glass of lemonade disappear in front of their eyes.

When I was a kid, I had an imaginary friend named Curtis. That’s pretty much all I remember about him. But thinking of Curtis got me to thinking of the “Remember the Time Blog Hop.” I figured I couldn’t have been the only kid (or blogger) who had an imaginary friend. So I tweeted Emily, co-host of the link-up at The Waiting.

Emily later tweeted back that she and co-host, Kelly of Are You Finished Yet?, decided to use it as this week’s theme.

RTT new

I’ve pretty much told you my “story,” but Kelly encouraged me to link up anyway. Most importantly, I wanted to promote the blog hop. For those of you doing NaBloPoMo, maybe this is the elusive post idea you are looking for. The hop closes at 11:59 pm on Wednesday, November 20.


7 thoughts on “Remember the Time Blog Hop-Introduce Your Imaginary Friend

  1. Thanks so much for the great idea!! I’m excited to hear lots of stories about imaginary friends, especially since I didn’t have one. My little brother did though. And his name was Cardyl and he lived in our basement with his family. It was hilarious.

    Even though you don’t remember much about Curtis, I still think you should link up this post so everyone can hear the story behind where the idea came from! And if you ever have any more suggestions, please throw them our way! And thanks for spreading the word about RTT!!!


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