While waiting in line at the BMW this morning, I watched a news ticker scroll at the bottom of a television screen. One of the headlines read, “Skygazers gawp at extra bright ‘super moon.'”


I Googled the definition of gawp:

gawp-defI looked up at the moon this morning as I walked the dog. Was I staring? Yes. Openly? Yes. In a stupid or rude manner? No. Since when is admiring nature and a once-in-a-lifetime event to be tagged as stupid?


Maybe this was a typo. Maybe the word the news editor was going for was “gape.” Maybe no one took the time to check the connotation of the word.

All I know for sure is that I gawped away with the best of them.

Day 14 of NanoPoblano/NaBloPoMo as well as #MicroblogMondays 116


4 thoughts on “gawping

  1. I think of gawp as that expression on your face when you’re flabbergasted. Like the thing you are looking at seems so unreal that your mouth drops open.


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