fifteen isn’t fatal

As an angst-ridden teen who dreamed of becoming a writer, I spent most of my time journaling on the minutiae of my day, coming up with pseudonyms (Clio Duvall is one I recall), and thinking up the titles of books I would write: Fifteen Isn’t Fatal; The Suicidal Horse.

I never made it beyond titles. Fiction is not my forte. Creating characters and coming up with plot lines does not come naturally to me. I lived a sheltered life that didn’t offer up much source material beyond typical childhood woes of not being liked and not liking myself. I could find nothing from my own experiences to draw on as a starting point except sadness, hence the depressing titles of books never to be written.

As an adult, I can accept my limitations as a writer. I worry less about not being liked. I’m still working on liking myself. And I can take those previously unused titles and turn them into a blog fodder. So, thanks, childhood self. As I pondered what to write on day fifteen of NanoPoblano, your love of alliteration inspired this post.



4 thoughts on “fifteen isn’t fatal

  1. I’m also not much of a fiction writer. ♡ but I do love reading your posts. And I’m fascinated by your titles, that would be a fun post on itself. A fun blog challenge too!


  2. I have a thing for titles – coming up with them, remembering those with catch my eye and brain, and also having an extra affection for movies and books with especially good titles (to me ie.)


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