minty fresh hair

On weekends, if our only plans for leaving the house are to take garbage to the dumpster, I don’t see any reason to bathe. The dumpster certainly smells worse than my body odor.

When I don’t shower, my son is off the hook, too. During cold season, I put him in the steamy shower after me to keep his sinuses clear. Since he’s been relatively healthy, I figured he could skip a shower today, too.

Of course, Philip had other plans. I had unlocked the master bedroom to retrieve the laundry. While I was in the basement putting dirty clothes in the washer, Philip was in the master bath. Putting toothpaste in his hair.

Guess who ended up getting a shower after all?

Lucky day thirteen of NanoPoblano/NaBloPoMo


5 thoughts on “minty fresh hair

  1. Reblogged this on that cynking feeling and commented:

    Having just given Philip a bath after he doused his hair with baby shampoo, I had to rinse and repeat, so to speak, because he snuck in our bathroom and plastered his hair with toothpaste. He still smells minty.


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