in any economic or political system

free hug

Image source: Fritz W. Musser on Facebook

This translates from Georgian as “free hug.”

Cute, isn’t it? My best friend re-shared the photo on Facebook from her friend, Fritz. Fritz commissioned the button to attach to his backpack as he continued his Trans-Caucasian hike from the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan to the Black Sea in Georgia. In response to a comment about a supposed preference by Georgians for free markets over free hugs, Fritz replied,”Free hugs have a place in any economic or political system.” 

Knowing he had such a generous and adventurous spirit is why it was shocking for my friend to learn that Fritz was killed during his travels. Preliminary reports indicate he was stabbed by a fellow hiker. As with free hugs, every life should have a value in any economic or political system. His death is a loss to us all.

As with other sudden passings, I feel an impulse to hug everyone I know, tell them how I much they mean to me and urge others to do the same. I wish I could be closer to my friend to comfort her.

I hope you give out as many free hugs today as you can.


10 thoughts on “in any economic or political system

  1. What a beautiful message and button. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend, he sounded amazing and so freely giving of love. I will be sure to give out plenty of free hugs in his honor. What a tragic loss for you, his family, and anyone who knew him.


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