Fitness Friday: the power of 41

Forty-one. It tags along after the well-rounded milestone of forty. It falls one short of the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Forty-one means I’m no longer forty, I am “in my forties.”

I tried to ignore my fortieth birthday. I hid my birthday on Facebook, hoping friends would forget and not feel obligated to wish me well. Not only did I want them to forget my birthday, I hoped they would forget me. Forty-years-old and what do I have to show for it? Shouldn’t I be in the prime of my life instead of overweight, underemployed, and struggling to find meaning in my existence?

A year later and I still want to forget that I am getting older. Forty-one. FORTY-ONE?! Instead of getting older, I want to be getting better. So, with the help of a friend, I created a list of forty-one challenges. I am going to OWN forty-one. I am going to confront my issues, stretch myself physically and mentally, and not want to hide from the world when I turn forty-two. I am going to embrace the power of 41.

I’ve grouped the tasks into categories. I’m a bit embarrassed that the last category, “be a better person,” has the fewest tasks but believe several of the other challenges will also improve my interactions with others.

Tasks related to food and fitness

1 Do 41 push-ups
2 Do 41 sit-ups
3 Walk 41 miles
4 Exercise 41 minutes per day
5 Eat 41 servings of raw or steamed veggies
6 Do 41 jumping jacks
7 Drink 41 ounces of water by noon each day
8 Complete a 41-day fast food fast
9 Try 41 new workout videos
10 Eat meatless for 41 days

Tasks related to writing and blogging

11 Write 41 poems
12 Write and mail 41 letters
13 Write 41 stories
14 Publish 41 listicles
15 Learn 41 new words
16 Blog for 41 days straight
17 Add 41 items to my 1000 Ausome Things page
18 Participate in 41 blogging challenges/link-ups
19 Keep a “my day in 6 words” journal for 41 days
20 Leave notes in 41 books for others to find
21 Collect and mail 41 postcards

Tasks that will nourish my soul

22 Celebrate 41 small successes
23 Share 41 photos that make me feel happy/inspired
24 Read and review 41 books
25 Meditate for 41 minutes per week
26 Do 41 things that scare me
27 Visit 41 new places
28 Find 41 new uses for old objects
29 Take 41 photos of myself, one each week
30 Learn to identify 41 birds
31 Perform 41 acts of self-care
32 Have 41 fun, free adventures with Philip
33 Practice smiling for 41 days
34 Listen to 41 original Broadway cast recordings

Tasks to make my life easier

35 Clean 41 places I usually ignore
36 Donate or throw out 41 items I no longer use
37 Complete 41 tasks I’ve been procrastinating on
38 Prepare the night before for the next day 41 times

Tasks to make me a better person

39 Perform 41 random acts of kindness
40 List 41 things I am thankful for
41 Pay 41 compliments

I’ll be updating my progress throughout the year, using these goals to inspire some of the stories that I’ve committed to writing. I’ll tag my posts #powerof41.

Which of my tasks sounds the most fun? Which would you hate to have to do? 

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14 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: the power of 41

  1. Hey, I will tell you the same thing I tell “the boys” when their birthday rolls around: enjoy this age…it’s the only time you will be it. I, personally, think you are awesome. That’s not just words. I truly think you are, and there is nothing (not even those pesky setbacks that you focus on) that can change the fact that you do accomplish a lot every single day. It doesn’t necessarily FEEL like you do, but -believe me- you DO.

    We have a seemingly thankless task ahead of us: seeing our kids to productive adulthood in spite of pretty heavily stacked odds. We can beat ourselves up, and use a very harsh scale to measure ourselves. I do it. Boy, do I do it! Sometimes, egads, I relish being that mean to myself. Sometimes, when MY age bogs me down (and I’m older than you are,) I just remember how old J is, and how far he has come. I remind myself of the part I’ve played in that. It does help…I am, sort of, a tremendous bad-ass.

    As for your question: 9 would be what I flatly refuse to try. Thirty-four is one I would jump into head-first.

    Now…go have fun! Look at that woman in the mirror and find your eight year-old self…ask her what she thinks about you. I’m pretty dang sure she’s impressed in ways she (and you) never imagined. You’re only 41 once. And it’s great. It doesn’t look like it from 41, but from 51 it will seem like an amazing age to have been.

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  2. This one, #37 Complete 41 tasks I’ve been procrastinating on, is uber scary to me. I’m a serial procrastinator on anything that doesn’t fulfill my interest. I wish you luck completing all things on the list! Being 40 myself, I might just dig up your post next year, dust it off, and make my own proclamations to own 41.

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