creatures of habit

I know many bloggers find inspiration in their spam filter but this is the first time I’ve decided to share a comment that I received:

crocodiles are creatures are habit and will look to see if you are, too.

This comment got me thinking. Here are some of the questions I asked myself.

  • How would crocodiles size me up? Would I appear to be a creature of habit? If I am, what would give me away?
  • Also, is the commenter warning me? Do crocodiles observe their prey, looking for patterns so that they know when to strike?ย Are we talking about literal crocodiles or is this a metaphor? If so, who are the crocodiles?

Are you a creature of habit? Are you a crocodile?


8 thoughts on “creatures of habit

  1. I always wonder what spammers get by leaving weird comments. Why not try to leave a more realistic-sounding comment? I am definitely a creature of habit, though I don’t feel very crocodile-like.


    1. It seems if the comments aren’t weird then they are the ones that are obvious flattery. I can see the advantage of those. Of course, people want to click on the link of someone who says how great their site is.


  2. Yes, I’m a creature of habit, though not above all else. And yes, crocodiles (especially those of the two-legged non-leathery variety) look to prey on us. Or at least, they know exactly when to strike. Ouch.


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