Fitness Friday: my four-legged fitness friend

Today I’m taking my dog for his annual check-up. Roscoe’s thirteen years old now, so I expect the vet will point out the signs of age. Otherwise, I don’t anticipate any problems.

I adopted Roscoe from a rescue group in Albuquerque over a decade ago. This was right around the time when I had been shocked by the scale into joining Curves for Women. Our house had a fenced-in backyard and a doggie door, so I could have just left Roscoe to his own devices but I began taking him on walks every morning and evening.

Roscoe was my training partner when I did the sixty-mile Breast Cancer 3 Day in 2007. Then Roscoe accompanied me when I began pushing Philip in his stroller in 2008.

Even after I stopped going to Curves and stopped taking walks during lunch, even when Philip outgrew his stroller, I still had to take care of Roscoe. Our walks were shorter and the reduced exercise affected both of his. Not only did I pack on the pounds, so did Roscoe.

In an ideal world, I would advocate for self-care. I would eat right and exercise out of self-love. In reality, I wouldn’t be the weight I am if I had been taking care of myself better. I obviously need all the motivation I can get.

That’s where my four-legged friend comes in. He is my constant fitness partner. He is always ready for walkies. Oh, except if it’s raining really hard. But snow? Yes, please, that’s his favorite! When I want to turn around and go home, Roscoe resists, tugging on the leash to remind me that we usually go to the end of the street, that we don’t turn around until that stop sign up there and can’t we please go farther because there is something very interesting-smelling just up ahead?

Roscoe may not walk as quickly as he once did but he still loves our daily jaunts. Truth be told, I’m not only burning calories, but I also find I do my best thinking when I’m walking the dog.

I hope the vet gives us a great report today. My fitness partner and I have more miles to walk together.

4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: my four-legged fitness friend

  1. Yes! I posted a pic of my dog hauling me down the street on Instagram this morning. I adopted her from a local rescue just a few months ago. She’s become my life coach, nosing me out of bed at 6 a.m. and going on down the road with a great gusto for squirrels. I may be the world’s worst runner, but I have a great running partner!

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