Fitness Friday: tightroping across Niagara Falls

I’m pleased to report that I have stuck to my commitment not to skip breakfast. I stocked up on whole grain, low-calorie English muffins so I have the basis for a variety of breakfasts: with cream cheese, peanut butter, turkey or even veggie burgers.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your breakfast favorites in the comments last month. I loved reading your suggestions.

One of the replies both tickled my funny bone and got me thinking:


I must eat breakfast and have always wondered about those who are able to skip it. They might as well have been tightroping across Niagara Falls, it seemed such an impossible task for me. I keep things around that I can grab quickly though. I don’t like full on cooking in the wee hours.

Your big ambitions for weekends made me chuckle. Me too, me too.:)

I love the metaphor of tight roping across Niagara Falls. Growingtowardthesun’s comment got me wondering about whether there are strategies that might help me lose weight that I believe are impossible. Completely eliminating sugar/bread/dairy or some other food item from my diet? Yes. Running/weight-lifting/some other sport I’ve never tried? Check. Publicly announcing my weight losses and gains every week? Absolutely.

But do I need to do something complex/gimmicky/impossible to lose weight? Or do I secretly believe that me losing weight is what is impossible? Well, if there’s one thing I’m learning each week, the biggest changes I have to make to get healthy are mental.

So here’s to Growing Toward the Sun. I selected your reply as my May 2016 Comment of the Month. Your words will live on at my Couldn’t have said it better page. You made me chuckle and feel I’m not alone. Plus, your About page has been wanting to let go of the negativity that is holding me back. By finding the light maybe I can become light-er.

I hope my other readers will take the time to visit Growing Toward the Sun‘s blog. Click on a sunflower to get some light in your life.


What change in your life would you consider as impossible as tight roping across Niagara Falls?

3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: tightroping across Niagara Falls

  1. Comment of the month! That’s amazing! Also, I just did Whole 30 (no sugar, no dairy, no soy, no wheat) and only lost, like, one pound. Not much return on THAT investment, but at least I can say I finished it.

    Re: “Or do I secretly believe that me losing weight is what is impossible?”<—–I hold that secret belief as well. Hoping the weight watchers switch will flip back on for me very soon. You're right, it's mental.


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