on not following the white rabbit

Waiting at a traffic light on my way to work this morning, I spotted a white rabbit nibbling grass. The plump critter had a brown patch of fur on its head. Thes lop-eared beast was obviously not wild but someone’s pet or 4-H project.

For a flickering moment, I wondered if I should park my car, get out and try to catch it. And then what? Even though I was waiting at the only traffic signal in a small village, I would have no idea where to take the rabbit if, by some miracle, I happened to catch it. Besides, it was cold and rainy. The light turned green and I continued on my way.

I saw a white rabbit this morning and missed my chance to play Alice. Sure, this creature wasn’t wearing a waistcoat, and it looked much too content amid the weeds to rush off to a tea party. But I was also much too complacent to even contemplate an adventure.


5 thoughts on “on not following the white rabbit

  1. I’d blame Monday for the lack of adventurous spirit. Or maybe this was a nudge from the Universe to take advantage of a real adventure if one presents itself. Either way, I hope you have a very hoppy day! 🙂

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  2. Who knows — the magical thing about life is maybe the magic white rabbit will return and you’ll get a second chance. Will you follow him down the rabbit hole then?


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