grief brigade

In sea of sorrow
you sink. With bucket, I bail,
pass the grief-heavy
pail to one who won’t mind when
I spill some drops of sadness.

9 thoughts on “grief brigade

  1. Helping another with the load of grief is an absolute honor, but often the griever doesn’t have room in their heart to let anyone else in. Still, if someone is sinking, i’d like to think we’d all grab a bucket and start bailing.


      1. I’m glad to hear you say that. As I mentioned in the comment on your tanka, I find this form very challenging. It’s not just about the syllables per line, it’s about creating meaning and effect within each line.


    1. I guess that’s why this image of a brigade popped in my head. It’s a non-intrusive service to the mourners – listening to their stories, just being there. Yet, you take on some of their burdens and need a chance to unload yourself.

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  2. Since reading this poem, I haven’t been able to get the idea of passing a grief-heavy bucket out of my mind because it rings so true. That’s what we do when we try to comfort others and in turn receive the comfort of others. Wonderful poem.


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