“we will find a way”

I was really excited last month to participate in National Readathon Day. I didn’t expect to carve out the full amount of time requested, but I had big plans on sneaking in as much reading as I could that day.

It turned into a napathon.

Philip was kind enough to share a cold with me, so all I wanted to do that weekend was sleep. Of course, I had other things to do like return books to the library and get pick up some groceries. While driving for these errands I was able to finish the audio version of Walk Two Moons. Later in the day, slightly rejuvenated by all the shut-eye, I also finished reading Fahrenheit 451. All combined, though, I fell short of the four hours I pledged to read.

I have no regrets. As much as I love reading, I’m a big fan of sleep, too. It’s what my body needed, and I had to make the time for it.

I think Laura of Building Bridges would agree. In response to my post announcing my participation in the readathon, she left the following comment:

Submitted on 2015/01/24 at 11:10 am

When it’s something that matters to us, we will find a way. If not, we will find excuses. Reading is important enough to you that you find a way to fit it in. Great post. I’m reading (blogs first, then a novel) this morning too.

Laura’s right. If I really wanted to exercise, I’d find time. If I really wanted to write more, it would happen. All of those things we wish we had more time for are just waiting for us to find a way.

I’m taking Laura’s thoughtful words and adding them to my Couldn’t have said it better page as the January 2015 Comment of the Month. I hope you’ll stop by Laura’s new blog and support her with some kind comments of your own.

2 thoughts on ““we will find a way”

  1. Every first of the month, I look back on the things I got done – and didn’t get done – in the previous month. I will adjust my processes to make sure I cover what’s important. I don’t get it perfect, but it at least gives me the chance to give attention where we need it!

    Good luck on your readathon! and in finding more time to write.


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