Now that Philip has learned to pull open the bottom drawer of the changing table to gain access to new heights, he can more easily reach and open the top drawer of said table. This is where I store diapers. For now. Because, apparently, they are no longer safe there.

There was a surprise party at work for one of the men who will soon be a father. One of my co-workers/mothers was advising him that there is really no need to buy a lot of toys for babies and toddlers. Several of us chimed in with examples of every day objects that our children love to play with. I had forgotten that I had these pictures that I took last night as proof.

After removing almost every diaper from the drawer and scattering them on his bedroom floor, Philip tried to gather them all in his arms to carry to the living room. Well, at least I can say that they were clean diapers.

One thought on “Diapers!

  1. Wonderfull. I love when my kids play with they diapers. Well, i call all diapers Pampers:-)
    My two years old daughter and my six years old son like they Pampers, sometimes they cant wait before i change the Diapers.
    I am a strict Mom and also strict Wife. I put my Husband also also in Pampers too, He is my 3th Baby. Smile.
    So i can say, we are a real Pampers Family



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