muddy monkey

Where there’s rain, there are mud puddles. And Philip, like many a kid before him, is drawn to puddles like a moth to flame. As we take walks, he purposely steers toward puddles to step into them. One day last week while walking both dog and son, Roscoe drank out of and Philip stuck his hands in almost every puddle we passed.

Philip was a complete mess Sunday. We walked to the park after a morning rain storm. I let him play in the sandbox knowing that he would likely have wet sand stuck to his clothes. What I didn’t anticipate was that he would find a low spot that had filled with rain water and immediately squat in it to splash. Some other tot had left a toy shovel there, and I was able to temporarily distract him from the puddle with this. Of course, he soon realized it would be fun to dig in the puddle with this borrowed toy and was in with both feet once again. I dragged him out for a second time. His shoes and socks were sodden.

He headed for the slide and climbed up the steep stairs. When we were both at the top, I had a predicament. I could see that rain water had collected at the bottom. Philip was already wet, so a trip down the slide wasn’t going to make it much worse. However, I was reluctant to let him slide down alone, and I didn’t want to end up with a wet seat myself. I was surprised that he didn’t protest too much as I guided him back down the stairs. Of course, as soon as we reached the ground he took off to the bottom of the slide and immediately splashed in the water there.

At this point, there was no reason not to sit him down in the wet toddler swing. The sun was quite warm, after all, even if it had not yet been out long enough to dry up the park. The swing was in the cool shade. I pushed him in there for about twenty minutes before we headed home for lunch. We stopped on the porch to strip off wet and sandy shoes, socks and pants.

Of course, Thursday evening was an even messier affair. Philip found a puddle behind the garage and refused to leave it alone. He had mud splash all over his new yellow monkey shirt. You can see some of the splotches in this photo.

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