left turn

I was walking back to my office after running an errand across campus when a car heading the opposite direction slowed along the curb. I wondered if the driver was lost. The sidewalk I was using angled away from the street otherwise I might have offered to provide directions. Then I noticed the vehicle had a parking permit displayed on the rearview mirror like the ones issued by my employer. I thought the driver was dropping someone off at the building I was passing by. I kept walking.

After pausing, the car continued toward the intersection. And then turned left on red.


Fortunately, there was no traffic on the street onto which the car turned nor were any other pedestrians nearby. But I still can’t fathom why the person thought this was a good idea. If the driver was lost, they should have been more cautious. Also, it’s not as if the light takes forever to change, so they would only have had to wait a few moments.

Have you witnessed any reckless driving today?


Day 28 of NanoPoblano/NaBloPoMo and #MicroblogMondays 118

3 thoughts on “left turn

  1. I’ve just been out, and saw a car change lanes in front of me without indicating. And on a street around the beach, an older woman was trying to do a U-turn, but hadn’t timed it very well, and was blocking two lanes of traffic.


  2. More than one instance, unfortunately. Our eldest, who only got her license last month, drove us (my mother, our youngest, and myself) home from mom’s Thanksgiving visit. In the three hours on the road, there were easily a half dozen moments my heart momentarily stopped (and only one was slightly due to my girl). Thankfully, no accidents or anything, so I consider it a good learning experience (for both of us – I didn’t even shriek once! *grin*).


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