greatest thing before sliced bread

Today is National Homemade Bread Day! I won’t be celebrating it since I don’t have any yeast. Or flour. Also, I’ve never made my own before, except for maybe a quick bread like banana or zucchini.

I’ve heard it can be a meditative experience to make bread. I imagine one feels tremendous satisfaction eating something you created. I think kneading bread would be a great one to work out frustrations. You know every ingredient included and have chosen the type with care.

If the bread faerie stopped by my house and with a poof! of her wand could provide the ingredients and equipment I needed to make bread, I’d like to try something with nuts and seeds, something dark with lots of texture. Or a pumpernickel and rye swirl. Or a cinnamon raisin loaf. Or a crusty cheddar bread. Well, I hope the faerie skips my house because I can’t decide. Or she can just drop off a platter of already made assorted breads. That would work, too.

Day 17!


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