Fitness Friday: the best parking spot

I love getting to work early. I have the office to myself for a while to dig into emails, prepare spreadsheets, and generate letters on legal-sized stationery without someone else sending their job to the printer.

When I have the office to myself, I can stand up and work. I can walk in place to increase my step count. I can exercise at my desk without worrying how dorky I look.

So if I like getting in early so I can be more active while I work, why do I feel proud and satisfied getting a parking spot so close to the building?

Yesterday, I had plans to walk with a coworker at lunch. She had told me the weather would be clear and in the sixties. “I want to see how many steps we get in an hour,” I said. Peter’s prescriptions were ready at the pharmacy, so she walked with me to and from the CVS a mile away from our office. We took a “scenic” route to get in extra steps.

I was pleased to see that my early morning walk with the dog combined with the lunchtime outing added up to 10,000 steps before the end of my work day. I knew I would rack up at least one thousand more that evening at home.

As I exited the building, I tried to remember where I had parked my car. There it was at the bottom of the steps. I had to laugh at myself. I was so worried about getting my steps in at lunch, I missed the opportunity to do more walking by parking at the back of the lot!

If I’m honest, scoring a primo parking space is about appearances. You can see who arrived at work first based on where their cars are parked. Yes! I think, mentally high-fiving myself. I got the best parking spot! But if I’m brutally honest, I will admit that my personal appearance matters to me, too. Exercising more will keep my body fit.

So, today, knowing the weather is nice again, you won’t see me parked as close to the building as possible. The best parking spot adds extra steps to my office door.

3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: the best parking spot

  1. I love to walk, but I park as close to the stairs as possible … because when the day is done, I don’t want to waste one second trying to beat the traffic! 🙂


    1. Yes, there is something to be said for not delaying by one minute (or one step) the act of leaving work. I work in small city in the middle of a rural area, so I don’t really have to worry about rush hour traffic, though.


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