foul-weather friend

your love is like a good umbrella
tucked away when life is sunny
close at hand when clouds appear
springs open to shield me
brightens the darkness
dampens downpours

A nonet for the October poetry slam.


15 thoughts on “foul-weather friend

    1. The first line has been sitting in my draft folder (followed by a lot of junk) for over a year. When I finally read the poetry slam instructions, I was thrilled to realize the line had 9 syllables. It was great to have a way to finally finish that poem.

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  1. You seem to nail any poetry firm thrown at you! I had this yellow Daisy umbrella that I just loved. It made me think of sunshine when there was none. My dog destroyed it last week. This poem is a great eulogy for that umbrella.


    1. Well, what I thought was my final draft was missing a line with four syllables, so I wouldn’t say it comes naturally. Or else I have a serious counting problem.
      Having to rework the poem gave me a chance to add that bit about brightening the darkness – like a lovely, colorful umbrella does. Sorry to hear you lost your favorite brolly.


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