Say what? Day 1 of Commenting Bootcamp

I love when people leave comments on my blog. Well, except for the spambots that try to sound like they read the post but their replies come out in a passive-aggressive mess.

I like to return the favor. Often I will type up a long comment, re-read it and delete the whole thing. I liked this post, I’ll think. They’ll know I read it.

Blogging U.
When WordPress announced a “Commenting Bootcamp,” I thought it sounded like a fun yet practical challenge. It’s Day 1, and the assignment is to leave comments on three blogs where I’ve never commented before. I’m going to link up to Mel’s #MicroblogsMonday since I always encounter a new-to-me blogger there.


To celebrate day one of bootcamp and to continue Musical March, here’s an apropos ditty.

Bonnie Raitt – “Something to Talk About”

Are you a confident commenter or do you chicken out? Let me know by, well, leaving a comment!

24 thoughts on “Say what? Day 1 of Commenting Bootcamp

  1. I think I write more comments in my head than actually sending one to someone! Like you, I tend to write long ones, then delete it all, maybe leave a few words instead, or just like. Sounds like an interesting Blogging U course. Have fun commenting!:)

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    1. I recommend the bootcamp if they offer it again. It’s only five days and the challenges build up from easy to more difficult. There was lots of advice thrown in to make for a successful week.


    1. Yes, sometimes I don’t have the energy to respond.
      The one challenge I didn’t complete was to “respectfully disagree.” If I’m reading something that I don’t agree with, I usually close the browser rather than engage in discourse. I’m a bit of a chicken that way.


  2. I feel awkward leaving comments on a blog for the first time. Sometimes I feel like I don’t “belong” there, if there seems to be a good following or very familiar back-and-forth between the blogger and commenters. Or I just worry that the person will be aloof, ignore me, too busy to take notice, etc. I do a lot of lurking before getting the courage to comment.
    I wonder if the bootcamp will cover reply comments as well. To me, it makes such a difference if the blogger makes some acknowledgment that I’ve taken the time to comment (even if it takes a few days).
    …and this is probably one of the longest comments I’ve ever left… 🙂

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  3. I enjoy commenting. I like letting the person know I was there and that their words had an impact on me. Like yours! This song brings me back to a workplace flirtation I had with someone a long time ago. It didn’t really go anywhere, and I hadn’t though of it in years. Thanks for the memory.

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  4. I comment less lately, as I also blog less and just spend less time on blogs. However, I do like leaving comments when I get a chance. I was thinking of Bonnie Raitt just the other day. Her music reminds me of my mom. 🙂

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  5. I almost always leave a comment on a blog when I read it–even if it is merely, a kind of thumbs up.

    I love Bonnie Raitt. So, thanks for that. I love the comment challenge. Thanks for choosing mine to leave a comment. 🙂

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  6. I struggle with comments- sometimes I write a long one and then delete it. It’s hard- a conversation where the responses may be days apart


    1. So true. Depending on how busy I am, I may not respond to comments until the end of the month when I looking for my “comment of the month.” I guess you have to have faith that you are putting yourself out there and someone is listening. Kind of like blogging.


  7. I love comments too! I try to leave a comment on most posts I read – even if it’s a short one. I guess I feel like I’m saying “I hear you.” As a blogger, I like knowing how readers reacted to a post and if anything was unclear, etc. Feel free to *not* delete any long comments you start to leave on my posts! I’d love to read the whole uncensored thing! 🙂


  8. Hahaha yes! I chicken sometimes too bc after I read my comment it’s obvious I may be crazy. Sigh. But most of the time I hit send anyway : ). Yay commenting boot camp. I have never heard of this but now I’m inspired – thanks!


  9. Ahahaha,that came at a very appropriate time.The post I read before yours was one I felt I should leave a comment for….but I didn’t because I felt like what I had to say sounded half-shallow.I keep doing that and I didn’t even actually notice.


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