office politics

You convinced me I could rise above my station, better myself, become your heir. Emboldened, I reached for the brass ring.

My hand was knocked away.

Illusions shattered, I slunk down to my proper place. From now on, keep your fairy tales.


42 thoughts on “office politics

  1. Fantastic take, “keep your fairy tales” was so symbolic and the best line of this piece.

    I felt the discouragement and pain of reaching and coming up short.


  2. Gosh, I have to get my comments in more quickly because I wanted to say what Meg has said! I appreciated the connection between reality and fairytales, and I really was impressed at the steady, even dark tone of the piece. Well done! :))


  3. A really good take on a reality. Being a follower doesn’t make you a leader and it is such a disappointment. I was going to write a book about teaching school. The subtitle would be “I’ve never been teacher of the year; but I have been called on the carpet a few times.” Work politics educate you with lessons you could have lived without. Ce le vie.


  4. You make me want to kick someone. (Not you.) This is a really strong piece, both in tone and in structure.


    1. This week was the first time I sat down and made a list of all possible answers I could come up with for the question. I made columns for yes, no, maybe, don’t remember, & refuse to answer. It really got my creative juices flowing.


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