a huge beginning

Just before the Memorial Day weekend, I had to take Peter to the emergency room. I was grateful for the long weekend because Peter was out of commission, and I was needed to stay home to take care of Philip. I wanted to write about the experience, but I was too busy at the time. It wasn’t until mid-June that I pulled my thought together into “smoke gets in your eyes.”

Having allowed some time to pass, I could reflect on the situation. By the time I hit publish, I was certain that I understood how both Peter and I felt about what happened. I ended the tale by declaring that the chest pains and late night visit to the hospital just hadn’t scared Peter enough to stop smoking.

One of the benefits of blogging is, if you have a few followers, you are sure to get some feedback. Lucky for me, Pam Huggins of Pamo’s World stopped by my post and left a comment:

Peter has acknowledged that he is scared. It’s a huge HUGE beginning. I wish him well.

Pam’s insight was so helpful. Even though I wrote about it, I hadn’t thought about what it meant for Peter to say those words. And it was a beginning. He’s been trying the patch and has cut down significantly. Has he quit? No, but I’m more hopeful that he is willing to try.

For giving me a new perspective on the situation, I’ve chosen Pam for my June 2014 Comment of the Month. Her words will live on at my “Couldn’t Have Said It Better” page. Please take a moment to stop by her blog to see her latest comic. Her drawings appear every Monday and Thursday. I take it as a sign that choosing her was the right thing to do since she recently posting one called “Having Chest Pain?


I hope Pam doesn’t mind, but I also have an honorable mention for the month. For succinctly summing up how many people felt when I shared about Philip’s rejection from local daycare centers, I give you the comment left by Christina on my gargleblaster “Long haired freaky people need not apply“:

😦 jackasses

Christina put into one word what it took me 42 to say. Please stop by her blogs Finally Mom and Other than Lovie and see if you can leave as good a comment as Christina did.


2 thoughts on “a huge beginning

  1. What a great honor! Thank you so much for the mention and link to my blog.
    I love your writing and how you put yourself into the mix. You let us know what’s going on and you tell us what it means to you. You are honest and real. I truly respect you for that.
    Your blog about Peter and the visit to the hospital was visceral. As an ex-smoker, I felt I could see both of your points of view. I’m honored my comment meant something to you. It was from my heart and my own experience with smoking.
    As far as sharing a mention with Christina… I only wish I had thought of her succinct reply! Well said Christina! 🙂
    Thank you again Cynk… What a terrific way to start my week!


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