Sunday Slideshow: Barely Jade

This weekend, we completed our first painting project. It began two weeks ago when we repainted our kitchen. We had decided to replace the cream color with one called “Barely Jade.” While the name suggests that it will be green, the results are more of a bluish gray. We opted to use the color throughout the living, entry way and hallway. I’m quite pleased with the results.

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Slideshow: Barely Jade

      1. Then I won’t tell you that I’m also the kind of person who loves it when I’m taking a walk and I can get a glimpse inside of the houses I’m passing through their front windows. Okay, that totally sounded creepy. I’m backing away from myself.


        1. Oh you should, because I would never try to see what people who don’t have the sense to close their blinds are watching on TV. Nope, I don’t try to catch the local news when walking the dog at all. 😉
          This reminds me of another blog post I read. I’ll have to see if I can find it and share the link with you.


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