Wait until yesterday

Two years ago, we were in the midst of getting an autism diagnosis for Philip. As you can imagine, I wrote several posts here on the subject. This included one I composed the night before our first screening appointment. I couldn’t sleep, so I wrote. I shared all my anxieties and fears. I wrote from my perspective at the time: I was a mom who heard the word “autism” and thought only the worst.

As I was going through my archives to find a post to link up with the yeah write weekend moonshine #145 grid, I cringed as I read that old post. Still, I thought it was worth sharing, especially if I could add a footnote saying that I have learned so much about autism since then and would not react the same way. Here is the note I placed at the end of “‘Twas the night before“:

I’m linking this post up with the yeah write #145 weekend moonshine grid, two years after writing it. I have learned quite a bit about autism since then. I wish I could go back to the mom who wrote this and tell her, “This is not something you need to lose sleep over. There is no reason to cry. Everything is going to be okay.”

Should another mother stumble upon my blog because she is up late at night worried that her child may have autism, I hope that she reads that footnote and seeks to learn more. I hope she gets past the negative hype and messaging. I hope she knows that autism is not the end of the world, just a different world.

I was very focused on helping others when I revisited this post. It wasn’t until I read the comment from fellow moonshine grid participant Joseph Cereola that I realized there was a lesson in this for me:

Remember this story the next time you find yourself worrying and losing sleep over something you really can’t control

Joe, that’s damn good advice.  That’s why I’m featuring your words on my “Couldn’t have said it better” page as my January 2014 comment of the month.

Just in case you think Joe seems much too serious, and you would never want to visit his blog, Living in Kellie’s World, let me treat you to the comment he left on another post last month, “Tomorrow could be worse“:

If tomorrow could be worse then I’d stay in bed until the day after that. But if what Craig Ferguson tell us is true, that “Tomorrow’s just your future yesterday,” then I’ll just wait until yesterday arrives to get up.

As soon as I wrap my brain around that, I’ll come up with an equally funny reply.

Unlike me, Joe is always ready with a witty response. Need proof? I recommend reading these posts:

The Twilight Zone
Crimson Tide
Valentine’s Day, Alone


Thanks for stopping by my blog, Joe. I appreciate both your insight and your sense of humor. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Wait until yesterday

  1. It’s funny how time often puts things into perspective. You could never convince a 13 year old girl that her best friend issues or her C in math aren’t the end of the world at the time, but if you asked her about it in 20 years, she’d laugh and acknowledge that she didn’t know any better then. That’s one of the cool things about writing. Being able to read where you were X number of months or years ago is pretty cool…I think anyway.


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