Whoops-a-daisy Wednesday

I was so proud of myself. Got home from work. Did my afternoon walk waiting for the school bus. Unloaded the groceries I bought during my lunch break. Started a load of laundry. Unloaded the dishwasher. Made Philip’s after school snack. And then, the pièce de résistance: I threw stew meat, green beans, carrots and seasoning in the crock pot so that Peter will have something to eat when he gets home after second shift. I plugged in the slow cooker —
and forgot to turn it on.
Crisis averted. The crock pot is now on and has several hours to work its magic.
What about you? Any whoops-a-daisy incidents on this fine Wednesday?


It’s Day 29! It’s Wednesday! It’s the last Wednesday and penultimate day of NanoPoblano 2017! 


2 thoughts on “Whoops-a-daisy Wednesday

  1. Lol I’ve done that with the kettle when I’m making tea and forget to boil it. And remembering to turn the oven off too is something that my brother sporadically forgets to do but thankfully I am around to check just in case 🙂


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