Silent Sunday: Three Views of the Whiteboard

2.16.13 010 011

3 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Three Views of the Whiteboard

  1. I love it:) This is like a window into his mind right now. Quick question….my son usually wants to wipe off the board using his hands for the sensory feel instead of the brush. Is this an issue for Phillip?


    1. You know, it didn’t occur to me that using his hand was a sensory thing, but that makes perfect, er, sense! Yes, I usually ask him to use his eraser. I don’t mind a messy hand, but I know his hand gets sweaty and I figured the moisture will interfere with his drawings.
      Also, I notice that he uses his hand/finger for more precision erasing.
      I figure using his hand really isn’t a problem, but I do want him to know that a tool does exist for this purpose. What’s your take on it?


      1. I think that reminding of the expectations is always a good thing ie eraser is a tool so we use the eraser or markers on paper or whiteboard and not on hand etc. At OT my son will draw or print but then use his hand to erase and will look at what is on his hand now and then do it a few times in a row. Our OT thinks it all feels good, is “cause and effect” so he can experiment etc. my son uses a finger as well to erase little parts too to correct. I also wonder if its just plain easier to quickly use the hand or finger.


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