the gift card that keeps on giving

Philip’s grandparents gave him a Denny’s gift card for his birthday in September. Peter and I took him out on his tenth birthday with the intention of using the gift card. When I went to pay the bill, the cashier had issues with running the gift card. She left me waiting at the register while she went to speak to the manager.

When she returned, she said, “Our gift card system is down. The manger said that if you don’t have another way to pay, your meal is on us.”

Sorry, but I wasn’t about to volunteer my cash just because they were having technical problems. We left with the full balance of the gift card.

We returned this afternoon to enjoy another meal at Denny’s. The gift card system was working so I used it to pay for our meal.

Philip always eats well at Denny’s. Today he shared my order eating my sausage, bacon, and half a pancake plus his own order of fries.

a well-fed day 26


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