Fitness Friday: punching bag

On Tuesday, I woke up feeling like I had been someone’s punching bag. In actuality, my muscles were feeling the effects of a boxing class I attended Monday during lunch.

This fall, the college I work at opened a new health and wellness center. While the priority is to give students a place to work out, faculty and staff have also been invited to make use of the facility. Not only are there new spaces and equipment, the college is also offering new, free fitness classes.

The very first class I attended was a cardio boxing class. It was offered at noon during a month-long fitness challenge. The regularly scheduled class takes place at 5:30 pm. By then I am either already home or close to pulling in the driveway.

I was excited when a special class was offered again this week. Walking is my go-to fitness choice, so my upper body gets neglected. Having to hold my arms up in a defensive position tires me out. And then there are the jabs, crosses, and uppercuts.

Let me tell you – I am not a coordinated woman. It takes a tremendous amount of concentration for me to put these punches in any kind of combination. But I love the fact that I have both a physical and mental challenge.

Alas, one of the physical challenges is that I can’t perform a roundhouse kick to save my life. My body just isn’t pivoting enough and I can’t seem to tell my leg to turn the way I see others doing it. But I’m willing to keep trying.

I’ve heard that the boxing class will be offered at lunch time during the spring semester. I’m looking forward to improving my skills and waking up the next day less like a punching bag and more like a puncher.

day 16


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