Fitness Friday: snow

The first snow of the season came in overnight. The ground was covered when I took Sam out for our morning walk but the roads were clear. I could tell the snow blew in from the northeast because the trees were casting snow-less shadows.
I’m going to have to start digging deep for motivation. Sam won’t let me skip walkies. When he needs/wants to go outside, he chews on my toes. But there’s taking him outside and then there is actually walking far and briskly enough to call it exercise.
I was appropriately bundled for the cold this morning and it was neither too deep or slushy to slow me down. Still, I had to convince myself not just to walk one street over and back. I kept going up to the next road before turning around.
In the summer, I could easily walk Sam for an hour on the weekend. The sun was out and I didn’t have to wear a coat. Now I have to carry my flashlight and dress in layers. Soon I’ll need to add a scarf.
Here’s to keeping at it no matter the weather.

Day 9!

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