take on me

Today we watched Deadpool 2. I loved the soundtrack, especially a version a “Take On Me” that I had never heard before. A quick Google search revealed it was from an episode of MTV Unplugged featuring a-ha. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Day 3

2 thoughts on “take on me

  1. I’m really excited wanting to watch Deadpool 2, I’m patiently waiting for it to turn up on Amazon Prime or Netflix. As for this Unplugged version of Take on Me, it is very calming and an incredible take on a classic song. I was wondering if they would have the call and response in the chorus but they didn’t, it was just a very moving take focused on his amazing vocals and sparse instruments, which just goes to show how brilliant their musicianship is 🙂 Unplugged versions are fantastic at highlighting how talented musicians are, stripping everything away to its bare essence for us to appreciate so much more.


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