Fitness Friday: 20,000 steps

At the beginning of 2018, a friend asked me what my fitness goals were going to be for the year.

One my goals was to earn my Fitbit badge for walking 20,000 steps in a single day. I’m happy to report that I earned the badge on October 3 as part of a month-long fitness challenge I participated in at work.


The 3rd was a Wednesday. Let me tell you – getting that many steps during a work day was a true challenge. I learned that if I want to earn the 25,000 step badge, it is going to take a true effort and plenty of time.


Day 2!

13 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: 20,000 steps

  1. Good luck hitting your next goal!

    My job keeps me moving non-stop so its easy for me to hit 20,000 on a workday. Or, as a friend said, “according to Fitbit you walk the circumference of the moon every week.”

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    1. I recently got a hand me down, hand me over Fitbit. I’ve transitioned from solidly sedentary to walking 1-2+ miles/day. Any more than that makes the Tarsal Tunnel immobilize me. Two miles gives me just about 8,500-9,000ish steps. So that suggests you’re walking about 5 miles a day! Go, you!

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  2. I can sincerely appreciate the difficulty of this challenge, especially if you have an office job where you end up using public transport to get yourself to where you work on time. I do leaflet deliveries now for the time being and a whole round can be as much as 30,000 steps (I don’t use a car) but I only tend to get one or two rounds per week.

    Ideally I’d like to do 10,000 steps per day but it seems that I end up doing my steps for two/three days and in bursts. I’ve also been encouraged to do other activities but the only way I feel I could make the time is to get up earlier and rob myself of sleep! I guess small and often is better than sporadically all in one go but that takes dedicated time management skills and who has got time for that? Not me, the internet beckons with all the entertainment goodies it has to provide 😉

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