Fitness Friday: meet my new fitness pal

My fitness pal isn’t an app – he’s a border collie mix that my family just adopted.

Since losing Roscoe, I haven’t had another being relying on me to get outside and get walking. Sure, I’ve gone on my own or taken Philip a few times but I didn’t HAVE to outside. But now I can’t stay inside just because I want to. Sam is depending on me.

Join me in welcoming Sam to the family and to my fitness routine.

8 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: meet my new fitness pal

  1. Love this. Congrats on the new family member. I have been volunteering at my local humane society, helping socialize the bunnies and walking the dogs. I swear dogs are the best fitness partners ever.


  2. Better than any fitness app! Congrats on new dog…hard losing one, tho. Sorry. We are dogless for the first time in 35 years but on our way to Alaska for four months so…..maybe when we return next fall we’ll get another fitness pal!

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