Fitness Friday: in praise of inefficiency

I love my seventeen-year-old fuel-efficient car. When I have errands to complete, I like combining them in a single trip that follows a logical route. At work, I pride myself in coming up with processes to help me complete my work as quickly and efficiently as possible. But when it comes to exercise, I strive to be inefficient.

Let me be more specific: I strive for inefficient walking to achieve my daily step goal. Why make one trip downstairs to take out the trash and start the laundry when two trips will double the number of steps? Why fold and put away all of the laundry at once when I can walk to and from the bedroom multiple times and multiply my steps?

When I’m running those errands efficiently, I only think about cutting down on my drive time. I don’t mind parking far from the library entrance. I’m not worried about doubling back down an aisle to pick up a forgotten box of cereal at the grocery store. Each time I’m inefficient, I’m adding to my steps.

I took that to an extreme this week. Philip hasn’t been as willing to share the TV/DVD player with me. Without a good fitness video to up my active minutes or step count, I needed another way to reach my 10k daily step goal. I made a ridiculous number of trips around my house last night but all of those inefficiencies added up.

This is what I’ve needed to get back into a routine post illness and to get my weekly and monthly averages back up.

I like an efficient workout as much as the next person. But if I can’t get my workout in, I’ll take inefficiency to the extreme.

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