Fitness Friday: ode to Move it Monday

When I first got sick last month, I resisted the need to rest. I went to work when I should have stayed home. I kept up with my shopping, taking Philip on errands, and even exercise. I finally forced myself to spend time on the couch. I read books and began watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Unfortunately, once I got into the habit of Netflix binge-watching, it was hard to go back to the walking routine of a month ago once I recovered from bronchitis. It has been so easy to tell myself, “You don’t want to overdo it. Don’t rush back into things. Don’t walk outside in the cold and rain and snow. You could get sick again.”

All of these self-delusions are why I’m back down to a daily average of only 7,700 steps. Seeing my step count go down gets me into a cycle of self-criticism. “Well, walking isn’t real exercise anyway. You are completely out of shape and what be fit no matter what.”

That’s why I’d like to dedicate today’s post to Move It Monday. What is Move It Monday? I’ll let them tell you:

Move It Monday is an international campaign encouraging people of all fitness levels to kick off the week with exercise!

I discovered and began to follow this organization’s Facebook page last year. This morning, I was browsing through my pages feed and saw this message:

Image may contain: text

This was just the inspiration I needed to come home and try a new workout video.

I encourage you to like and/or follow Move It Monday on Facebook. I hope you’ll find their posts just as inspiring as I do.

What do you have to say about that?

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