Fitness Friday: February 2018 recap

What a difference a month can make.

February started out strong. I participated with Philip in a biddy running camp at his school. I was keeping my daily average up to 11,000 steps and consistently getting at least 30 active minutes.

Four weeks ago I was celebrating the fact that I had been healthy and avoiding the illness that seemed to surround me at work. Two weeks later, Philip missed his first day of school this year when he began coughing and sniffling. Today, I’m recovering from bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection.

Despite this setback, I managed to complete eight new-to-me videos toward my goal of 100 new fitness videos for the year.

Here’s hoping I can try some new videos (or even revisit some old ones) soon. For now, I’m trying to rest up so that I can get back to moving in March.




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