Fitness Friday: biddy camp

This week I took Philip to a biddy camp. The high school cross country coach offers the free camp twice a year: once in the summer and once in the winter. I took Philip for the first time in July. High school students from the team assist the coach in demonstrating technique, leading stretches, and guiding the kids on the running routes.

Now, my son loves to run but only on his own schedule. When we went in the summer, I was often dragging him along with me. Granted, it was hot the week we went to the camp, even at 7:00 pm. Still, I had a supply of fidgets to keep him entertained when he wasn’t joining in. A few times I bribed him to run a few yards but taking away his fidget and saying, “Come and get it!”

In contrast, the indoor winter camp this week was just the right temperature and lacked the distractions of the great outdoors. Plus, how cool is it to not only have permission but to be encouraged to run in the hallways of the school?

The coach has been offering the camps for quite a while, and you can see she has an intentional structure. The first day covers the basics of technique with a focus on warm-ups, stretches, and form. Each day there is more running to build the kids’ endurance.

What I discovered this week is that both Philip and I need to work on our endurance. I was telling a friend that I can manage the 45- and 60-minute fitness walking workouts without a problem. But ask me to run for five minutes? I get winded.

Still, the biggest disappointment this week wasn’t learning that we have room to improve. Nope. It was the snow day on Wednesday that meant camp was canceled.

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