Fitness Friday DVD Review: 5 Boosted Miles

As part of my quest to complete 100 new workout videos in 2018, I borrowed a copy of the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home Programs’ 5 Boosted Miles from the library.

I previewed it on Tuesday. Even though I had already walked for twenty minutes (in incredibly frigid temperatures!) waiting for Philip to get home on the bus, I needed added steps because I had sat on my behind all day at work. Yet, I couldn’t invest seventy-five minutes in the complete workout because Philip had Cub Scouts that night. Instead, I popped in the DVD while doing chores around the house. I walked in place while reading the notes from school. I stepped side-to-side while filling up the coffee maker for the morning. I did kicks as I moved between the dishwasher and the cupboards putting away clean plates.

By the time mile 2 began, the laundry was in the washer and I had changed into my workout clothes. I followed the workout in earnest through mile 3. I began assembling what I needed for scouts during mile 4 and then stopped the DVD before mile 5 began.

Having learned a numbing lesson the previous afternoon, on Wednesday I sat in my car listening to an audio book while waiting for the bus. Unfortunately, I had been sedentary at work once again and really, REALLY needed a good workout to hit my daily 10k goal. As soon as I got Philip in the house and myself changed, I committed to the entire five-mile workout. And this was the result:

Yesterday and today, I’ve done parts of the workout (miles 2, 3, and 5 on Thursday, and miles 1 & 2 today). That’s the beauty of this DVD. You can opt to play the entire workout or you select which mile you want to complete. Each track allows you to play the workout with or without instruction, too.

Mile 1 includes a warm-up while mile 5 includes a cool-down. Miles 2 through 4 start and end at a brisk pace and include intervals at an even faster tempo.

I’ve been using Leslie Sansone workouts for at least a decade. I don’t know when I first used one of her DVDs but I can remember back in 2004 assembling with my Red Cross coworkers in a meeting room during lunch to walk one or two miles. I’ve always loved Leslie’s encouraging, positive demeanor. I liked her “four basic step” system: walking in place, side steps, knee lifts, and kicks. I liked the “back-up walkers,” too: mostly women of various ages and the occasional man.

All of those features are present in this workout with some new twists. The cast is still diverse. One of my favorites in this DVD is Michael. Here is a man who DGAF what you think. While I sometimes worry (even though Leslie says not to) about using the correct foot or maintaining perfect posture, Michael grooves and dances. He is smiling and looks like he is having fun. That makes me smile and have fun, too.

The four basic steps are here in their regular as well as boosted form. Six other boosted moves are also included. Leslie demonstrates these in a bonus track. You are encouraged to choose between low- and high-impact, whatever is best for you.

Not all ten moves are included in every mile. Plus the upper body additions vary, too. Between this and the cast changes, I found the DVD to be engaging and motivating. The other benefit is you can pick and choose which miles to complete depending on your time available or stamina.

5 Boosted Miles was a great challenge for me at this point in my personal fitness. With enough time, I was able to complete the entire workout without feeling completely spent. Still, I notice I have areas of improvement especially when it comes to incorporating the upper body work. I got winded raising my arms for several minutes and their jiggliness was obvious.

When the weather gets nicer, it would be great to take a five-mile hike at a local park to enjoy being out in nature. Until then, there are advantages to using an indoor walking fitness DVD like this.



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