Fitness Friday: waiting for the bus

Except for rare occasions, my husband has had bus duty for the past four years. As the stay-at-home parent, he put Philip on the bus and took him off.

This year my husband started temping, which changed matters. I’m now in charge of meeting the bus at the end of our street each afternoon.

When I was only sporadically picking up Philip at the end of his school day, I would park my car at the end of the street and wait. I would listen to audio books or read a book or make phone calls while I waited.

When I started waiting consistently, I noticed that the bus could arrive anywhere between 4:11 pm and 4:31 pm. I might arrive just in time for the bus or sit in the car for twenty minutes. Add that to the sitting and driving time, and I realized I could be inactive for an hour.

When the weather was great, this just seemed silly. I began walking while I waited. I realized that helped up my step count every day. My daily step goal is what keeps me motivated to walk even when the weather isn’t great. I’ve trudged through cold and snow and wind and rain. Yesterday, the wind was picking up a fine mist from the lake. I was damp by the time the bus arrived.

But I’m not complaining. Walking in place with a workout video is just not the same as getting somewhere. Sure, I have to make laps in a limited area because I have to be ready in case the bus shows up. Believe me, I decided to walk to the mail room one day and had to run back to a VERY early bus drop off.

Now that I don’t have a dog to walk, I’m missing that outdoor walking time. A walking wait for the bus counteracts that. Having some place to be is more motivating that taking a walk on my lunch break, too.

In fact, since my son has been on winter break and then been home when school has closed due to weather, I’ve been missing that walking time. In fact, he didn’t have school today due to a teacher in-service. Knowing that, I made the most of my walking yesterday.

Sure, the worst of winter might be still to come. That might delay my drive home from work and not permit me the time to park and walk back. That’s okay. The important thing is that I take advantage of as many opportunities as I can.

How do you squeeze in extra steps as part of your daily routines?

What do you have to say about that?

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