snow dazed: a book review

Pete the Cat: Snow DazePete the Cat: Snow Daze by James Dean
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh, Pete, I feel your pain when school keeps getting canceled. I admire the initiative you showed in plowing the streets so your school could reopen. I sure wish I could have found a way to raise the temperatures so my son could have gone to school.

And now, now school has been closed again today for snow and road conditions. Where are you, Pete the Cat? When will you arrive to plow the roads so my son can finally go for a full day of school for the first time in over two weeks?

4 thoughts on “snow dazed: a book review

  1. School was closed today for you? We had school closed last Thursday and Friday but open today (Thank heaven!) I live in NJ and don’t know where you are. My daughter is a fan of Pete the Cat.


    1. We live in Ohio and got a rain/snow/sleet mixed dumped on us in the early morning hours.
      My son was off for winter break starting December 22 through January 2. He had a 2-hour delay on Wednesday and then they canceled school for the rest of the week for the temperatures.


  2. Oh, the snow and sleet are making it difficult for both the kids and the parents. For us in Phoenix, there is no snow ever, not much cold either this time. It’s warm during the afternoons. My son loves Pete the Cat. 🙂


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