Fitness Friday: 100 workout videos

To keep up with my daily step count, I’ve been relying on indoor walking workouts. Last month, while walking along with a YouTube video, the instructor said, “You can try one of my 380 other videos.”

Wow, I thought. I have a lot of options.

Not all of those videos are walking videos. However, I know that I could use some cross-training in my routine. Regardless, I’ve made it my 2018 resolution to try 100 new workout videos this year. I picked 100 because it is a nice round number. 365 is too high. When the weather is nice, I’m not going to be popping in a DVD. I’ll be outside playing with Philip or swimming at the pool.

But for the nine months of the year with sketchy weather, I wanted to explore new videos. Now that I figured out how to stream YouTube on my TV (much to the delight of Philip), my options seem endless. I have several DVDs that my boss gave me that I have yet to try. Plus, I can always borrow more from the library.
I figure 100 videos is about 2 new videos per week. Some weeks I might try more.

My rule is the workout must be at least ten minutes in length. DVDs count as one even if they include more than one workout.

I’ll keep a list and publish it once this challenge is complete. Actually, I’ve already started the list since I’m not walking outside this week thanks to windchill in the negative double digits. Here are the workouts I’ve completed/started so far this year:

  1. Leslie Sansone The Burn to the Beat Walk DVD: 3-mile walk starting with 3 mph for mile 1, 4 mph for mile 2 and ending with 5 mph for the final mile. Completed 1/2/18
  2. Jessica Smith 1 Mile Walk and Talk: New Year Resolution Solution. Completed 1/3/18
  3. Leslie Sansone YouTube channel: Walk 15 One Mile Walk with Nick. Completed 1/3/18
  4. Leslie Sansone Walk Off Fat Fast DVD: includes three workouts – 20-minute easy burn; 30-minute big burn; 40-minute super burn. In progress.

As you might guess, I’m a fan of both Leslie Sansone and Jessica Smith. I tried a few other walking workouts while on my winter break and did not enjoy them. The one woman just talked as we jogged. No variations. It was supposed to last forty minutes. I stopped after ten. Another woman had highly choreographed walks set to music. No talking. No talking might be fine if you knew what to expect. At least Leslie and Jessica verbally warn you before transitioning to side steps or some other variation.

In addition to walking videos, I will probably throw in other cardio workouts, yoga, pilates, and the like. If you have a recommendation, leave it in the comments!




3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: 100 workout videos

  1. I really like the idea of a goal of 100 workout videos or sessions on the next year. And a low time limit of 10 minutes makes that really achievable. I’m almost tempted to make myself a star chart like I would for the kids! Thanks for the inspiration! Happy new year!


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