and, yes, you can do it
work quickly
react immediately
Do not substitute
is not necessary
until it overflows
double in size
second rise
rise above the top
enjoy what you can

An erasure poem for the yeah write January poetry slam using page 103 of Better Homes and Gardens New CookBook 15th Edition. The original page is below.

14 thoughts on “gratifying

  1. there’s an extra weight added to this recipe when I see it’s from a cookbook and read it applying to my outlook in the new year. The repetition of rise heightened the poem’s tone for me, and even the negatives “do not substitute” for instance were positive. My only concrit would be to rework some of the one word lines. “Hang” and “Logic” seemed to introspective for the message of the rest of the piece and separated out like that made me think they meant more to your intention than they seemed to.


  2. “React immediately” reflected the tone and urgency of the poem. Some people find cooking relaxing. I often find myself at a moment of stress, just like this felt, trying to get things done at just the right moment. Thank goodness for bread makers!

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  3. Using a baking recipe! Very clever way to incorporate the spirit of the prompt in your erasure poem. I really love the hope embodied in this. “Don’t settle/rise/double in size” and then the lines about the second rise were so uplifting. I had Andra Day’s Rise Up playing in my head as I read this.


  4. What a neat erasure, using the cookbook! I love how positive this is and how it can be easily applied to worldview. I often think of baking as a methodical process, specific ratios & measurments (as opposed to cooking – toss in a pinch here, season to taste). I like how this belies that stuffiness.

    Something to think about – I’m not sure you need “Quick” in between “work quickly” and “react immediately.” In my opinion,it belabors the point.

    There’s some really powerful advice in the recipe – thanks for showing it to us!


  5. This is nothing new since I’m late to comment but I also love that you tied in baking by using a cookbook and the repeated rising really does make this optimistic, which I really need this year!

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  6. I love the urgency of this, and I love that I could immediately identify that it was from a cookbook. I’m a wanna be baker, so for me this reinforces the structure that a person needs in order to bake well (no rushing, no substituting…just be) but contrasts it with the rush and stress we place upon ourselves.

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  7. Who knew a cookbook could be poetic? The pacing had an urgency that normally doesn’t mesh with bread baking so that’s an interesting contrast. The only thing I got tripped up on was the repeat of second rise, it took the oomph out of “double in size” when I read it .


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