I flip on the light and pause – one second, two. A vacant dresser and empty closet greet me. The silent hangers, at least, are honest, unlike the absent partner who assured me, “She doesn’t hold a candle to you, babe.”


22 thoughts on “lies

      1. Nope, you can dream anything you like 🙂
        Still glad it’s not true, unless you really wanted it to be true, in which case I should probably shut up before I try to talk about things I don’t really understand…


          1. That’s more or less what I thought happened… I read it as if he’d gone and his stuff was gone and you were waking up and looking at ‘his’ empty cupboards..


  1. Aw, man. What a jerk! I don’t even have to see the absent partner to dislike them. Even just their dialogue reeks of douche-baggery (if you don’t mind my saying so). Very well captured!

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